Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rockport Rampage Cyclocross Watercolors

I have painted a few more watercolors from the Rockport Rampage cyclocross that is held in Rockport, IN.

What began as me just going over for the first one back in January to do some sketching on site has led to me making new friends, especially with the promoter of the race and we have agreed to use my watercolors (as a print from the original) to be used for the podium awards. Totally has me stoked!

So, these are some fresh works made from photo references taken during the last race in the snow and from the previous race.

           "Rampage #4"
         5"x7" watercolor

          "Rampage #3"
        5"x7" watercolor

"Rampage #5"
5"x7" watercolor SOLD 

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