Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Plein Air Sketches From This Evening

So, I took my Po' Boy Plein Air Pochade out for a spin this evening.

What is a Po' Boy Plein Air Pochade? It's a wooden cigar box, turned into a plein air painting tool/easel.
It's not ideal, but will suffice until I actually build myself what I need or purchase one.

The main thing is just to get out there and paint...a box/easel isn't what's going to make me a better painter.

I did these as the sun was setting at Fischer Park here in Owensboro.

These aren't intended to be finished paintings. They are exercise...for artist's.

When I got here and started setting up I realized I had went off and left my palette I made to fit in the box. So I improvised with the back of an 8"x10" panel I had in my backpack.

I spent about 20 minutes on each one. They are 7"x5" canvas panels.

I also only used three primary's: Cad. Yellow, Cad. Red, and Cobalt Blue...and Titanium/Zinc white.

My view

After twenty minutes.

Sun's almost down. Gotta work fast.

What I ended up with.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Popo Agie Wilderness

I thought I'd show another progression series.

This is on 30"x14" stretched canvas.

The Popo Agie (Po Po Zha) Wilderness is located in the southern end of the Wind River mountain range in Wyoming.

Here, we are looking kinda south/southwest up the drainage of the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River. I'm not exactly sure, but I believe the peak on the far left is Wind River Peak. At 13,192 ft. it's the highest peak at the southern end of the Winds. Gannett Peak at the northern end (not visible here) is the highest peak in Wyoming, 13,804 ft. 34 ft. taller than the Grand Teton.

OK, enough about the topography of Wyoming.

I started with a quick vine charcoal sketch. Then an underpainting of burnt umber.
You can see I have the image I shot pulled up on the computer monitor. I worked directly from that.

Here is the sky that I put in.
I'm using a limited palette of Titanium White, Cad. Yellow Pale Hue, Cad. Red Lt. Hue, and Cobalt Blue Hue. My Blue Ridge Oil Colors had not arrived yet. These were Grumbacher Academy colors

Next up was the distant mountain tops.

Then the far side of the canyon and the green blob mass of trees in the foreground.

And finally, where it is as of now. I may need to adjust a few things yet.

North Shore Dreams

Here's an oil I just did this week.

16"x12" stretched canvas

My wife and I were married on Oahu in Dec. 2007. I shot this photo of her walking down the beach near our rental home on the north shore. It was our first morning there and she was the first person to make footprints in the sand that day. I've looked at this and always wanted to paint it, but just kept putting it off.

 Now, I think I have a fairly decent handle on the oils, so I thought I'd give it a go.

I actually used a couple different photos to get what I wanted.

That's my little brother, who technically made the first tracks in the sand.

That far off land mass is the west end of the island, Kaena Point.

Monday, March 4, 2013

About time to update this thing

Wow, does time get away from you! I haven't had a whole bunch of artistic output this past week, but I have been doing a lot of other things to hopefully make me a better artist. Started attending a weekly figure drawing class at a local college, for one. Also, continuing to sketch as often as possible.

So, here's what I've actually painted of late.

No particular order.

I was in the studio reading and my son was on the computer messing around. So I decided to do a quick figure study in oil of him. I knew he wouldn't be going anywhere.

It's on an 8"x10" canvas panel. I did a quick charcoal sketch to locate everything then went right in with paint. Spent about 1 hour on it, then came back the next day and cleaned up some edges and strengthened some area.

There is an online forum I frequent called Wet Canvas and there are monthly painting challenges put up by other artists. There was a nice sunrise image that was posted, so I took a shot at it.

It's on 10"x8" canvas panel. Fairly happy with how it turned out.

The last image here is from yesterday in my sketchbook. I took the kids down to a local park on the riverfront and while they played, I did this sketch.

Even though it was fairly sunny, it was still pretty cold and a northwest wind coming across the river. So, I really made this one short. Probably 1/2 hour, maybe less because of being interrupted by an onlooker that wouldn't leave me alone. But, he needed to talk. So I stopped and listened. One of the many hats I wear, apparently.