Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Plein Air Sketches From This Evening

So, I took my Po' Boy Plein Air Pochade out for a spin this evening.

What is a Po' Boy Plein Air Pochade? It's a wooden cigar box, turned into a plein air painting tool/easel.
It's not ideal, but will suffice until I actually build myself what I need or purchase one.

The main thing is just to get out there and paint...a box/easel isn't what's going to make me a better painter.

I did these as the sun was setting at Fischer Park here in Owensboro.

These aren't intended to be finished paintings. They are exercise...for artist's.

When I got here and started setting up I realized I had went off and left my palette I made to fit in the box. So I improvised with the back of an 8"x10" panel I had in my backpack.

I spent about 20 minutes on each one. They are 7"x5" canvas panels.

I also only used three primary's: Cad. Yellow, Cad. Red, and Cobalt Blue...and Titanium/Zinc white.

My view

After twenty minutes.

Sun's almost down. Gotta work fast.

What I ended up with.

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