Sunday, December 29, 2013

Old Road in the Woods

Spent the other day at my boyhood home visiting my mom. While my two kids kept her busy, I went out and did a little painting.

It was a bright, clear morning and I was not sure what I wanted to attempt with such harsh lighting and ended up on the old roadbed that marks the southern boundary to the property.

I always knew this old roadbed, played around it for many, many years. But never knew the name of it or any history. So, I just did a quick search for old roads in Warrick Co, IN. and found a 1910 Rural Delivery Map that shows this road and from the best I can tell it was called Robinson Rd. There is a dwelling shown on the map, which approximates a spot I found as a kid playing in the woods of place where a home likely was. A further search of a map from 1936 shows the road no longer there. So, sometime between these dates I would have to assume the road was abandoned.

So, I set up and painted this spot with the old persimmon tree and another dead one with it's debarked limbs all akimbo and hanging down to the ground. 

9"x12" oil on linen panel


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