Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review of new work created during January 2013

Here are all the new paintings from this month.

"Wind River Cottonwood"
7"x11" watercolor
original not for sale

"The Cathedral Group"
20"x14" watercolor SOLD

"Sunrise With Brodie"
14"x10" watercolor

"Between A Rock And A High Place"
10"x14" watercolor


"Above Louis Lake In The Southern Wind River Mountains"
10"x14" watercolor


"Red Desert, Wyoming"
14"x7" watercolor

"Creek Explorer At The Rendezvous"
14"x20" watercolor


"At The Rendezvous No.1"
10"x7" watercolor

"Traditional Dancer"
7"x10" watercolor SOLD


"American Buffalo In Yellowstone"
14"x10" watercolor  SOLD

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