Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why Art?

The biggest question, and most impossible to answer, that I keep asking myself is "Why art?" It makes no sense. Is it just ego? I mean there are libraries full of books that seek to explain it, so I suppose I should humble myself that I shall never know the answer. Though I don't think I really want to know the answer and I definitely don't think it's for me to decide. A blank piece of paper is art to some folks....therein lies part of the problem. What people think....I like to think I do my art for myself. If it attracts an audience, well, I certainly appreciate it. I guess I wouldn't be showing it to the world if I didn't care. Sure, I care...I want people to maybe see things differently or think about something they never thought about before. I know, looking back, that I certainly had people or places that I visited that open a window on the stale air of the room I was occupying at the time.
Or is just having a pretty picture to hang over the couch that matches the upholstery?

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