Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Frog Pond Plein Air

Went out this morning to the Rudy Mine Trails of Ben Hawes Park here in Owensboro. It was a picture perfect morning and I intended to find something perfect to make a picture.

I slung my pack onto my back and carried my french easel and took off down a trail to find that elusive vista to capture on canvas. After walking about 3/4 mile or so, I came to a large open field and was thinking about possibilities there, then, off in the distance and down a valley I could hear a chorus of frogs. My signal that spring is finally here and I went down to their pond...it turned out to be more of a marsh, but it works.


I found a spot in the shade of a stand of trees and honeysuckle that afforded me a view of the morning sun illuminating the marsh grass and cattails. A few sycamores in the middle distance served to balance the composition nicely.

 "Morning at the Frog Pond"
   9"x12" oil on linen panel
               plein air

Here are some shots from the scene.

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