Monday, February 18, 2013

Latest Sketches From The Weekend

So, this past Saturday was my last trip to Bowling Green and WKU for a while. I did a couple of sketches while there.

The first I did as I walked around campus trying to find something interesting to paint. It was very cold and windy (31, with wind chill in the 20's). I liked this view between the buildings and out over the distant horizon. The walkway that leads out the back is a bridge to another building and the tree was allowed an opening to continue to grow.

After that and with frozen fingers, I went downtown to seek coffee. After grabbing some coffee at Spencer's I did this sketch of the fountain in the square. Really quick...about 20 minutes.

Then today, Monday, I did this panoramic sketch of the river bottoms here in Daviess Co., KY.

I had to sit in my  truck and do this one. The wind was literally blowing the water out of my water container...there was nothing to block the wind across these fields.

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