Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Water Street Under The Bridge

New one I'm just starting.

So, I'm trying something new. For me it's new, but I've seen other artists doing and it really seems like a cool thing to do.

I'm using Google Street View. So, if you want to see this spot I'm painting, just go to Google maps and find Water Street where it sits under the Brooklyn Bridge.  See the view here.

Why this spot? Back in 2000 I drove a truck with my cousin and we were in this area and I did a painting of the Trade Center buildings with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground...you can't get that view anymore.

This is 10"x7" on Arches 140lb. cold press paper.

Putting in the sky. Notice I brought that wash down onto the building on the left side. This will eventually become the reflections in the windows there.

Next I established the first wash on the building on the right. Notice the change in value as it recedes into the distance.

Here, I started on the bridge underside shadow with a variegated wash with some yellow closer to the viewer and ending in a violet as it goes to the distance.

Here I've added the shadow side of the building and began defining the superstructure of the bridge.

Here the street begins to come to life and the cast shadow of the building.

More work on shadows and brick on the right side building. Also darkened the cast shadow on the left and windows.

Bringing it to a finish. Tightened up some details and I felt the sky was a little too pale. so, I did something dangerous...I added a wash of Cobalt Blue and Winsor Blue Green Shade over the it to get some more contrast of the skyline under the bridge.

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