Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today's Plein Air Sketches

What a nice dreary day to go out and paint. Seriously, I love weather like this. But, it does make me have to paint from the seat in my truck.

First stop was English Park and this view overlooking the bend in the river. Did a quick pencil sketch, then got out my paints and went for my brushes....where were my brushes? Dang, I had to go back and get my brushes. So, after I got back. I spent about a half hour completing this sketch.

Above is my phone picture of it from my truck.

Above is a camera photo with better lighting in my studio.

So, after that one; I drove down to the boat ramp and got a view upriver to the bridge and the new hotel and convention center construction

Above is a picture from my camera at the scene.

Above is a photo from my studio

 It tried to do another sketch there. It had stopped raining, so I got out and walked over to do a sketch of the stairs leading up to the overlook and shelter house. But, it soon began raining again. Decided I needed a new subject, so I headed downtown to the Creme Coffeehouse. Took my backpack with me, ordered up and found a table with a view and set to painting. I was a little shaky for some reason. I've painted around people before...maybe it was the coffee? It's interesting doing these sketches...I love it.

Above is my photo photo while sitting at the coffee shop.

Above is the studio photo.

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